#AMPLIFYHER:  Sisterhood and Feminism: Profiling and Celebrating the Journeys of African Women in the Diaspora while Building Community.

Join us today in the #AmplifyHer Campaign as part of the 20th anniversary of our proud AWDF organization in 2020!

For far too long, there has been a silencing of the voices, issues, and stories of African Women in the Diaspora.  It is assumed that due to location, we, as these women, are afforded all the resources they need with limited challenges, but that is not the case.  Our organization’s Amplify Her recognizes these incredible women as pivotal to the growth of the African feminist movement, our successes, our stories, and our challenges.  Additionally, #AmplifyHer builds the bridge between the continent and the diaspora and the amplification of the important work for the communities we serve. Our mothers hold so much seasoned wisdom along with the next generation of women with new energy.  Our stories must be told, our histories must be penned, and our legacies must passionately live and thrive.

In the course of our work over the past 15 years, we have seen firsthand the power of women and their collective ability to effect change at all levels. As we have amplified the voice of women and girls and mobilized resources to support their activism, vibrant and vigorous movements have emerged. We have seen the profile of African women elevated at the highest levels of leadership as Presidents and their contributions recognized as Nobel Peace Prize Laureates. While we should be proud and celebrate these incredible achievements, we also recognize the importance of continuously raising our voices and mobilizing to gather relevant resources to sustain and expand our efforts. AWDF USA, as an organization, our role is pivotal for building the capacity for both social change and sustainable development, and our efforts show this.  #AmplifyHer is our proud brainchild campaign for all of the hard work that our lovely, strong members put in day in and day out. We are looking to recognize you, your mothers, your sisters, and your friends.

We, at AWDF USA, in partnership with Women Change Africa, are beyond excited to showcase AmplifyHer and these incredible women, while uplifting our voices in this African feminist movement that is driving hope for change and opportunities each and every day!

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